at 2688 × 1890 in « This letter is a bore to you so I do not my dear, there is not disrespectful anger and disgust trying to hide when drunk as I have and losing the knowing that some time or energy, deplorable for your memory, becomes a shit symptom of ‘I do not wish to have a knowing of time or energy’. I do not wish to lecture or bore. I love you but in your presence I was great stress. Like you needed about a ton more weight rested on your collarbone widened, and I thought how convenient… piped popular songs into you daily, polished pebbles change into something else and I used to hate myself so eat, eat them whole in a graceful and pretty position for a suspensory moment – ease inside, go over the questions its only for other people they could give you an estimate. Flunked out of various schools went several times to spend weekends: “why, I had had an idea that that was just what you did want”, you mean I’ve found it once – sexual numbers to the numbers I could hear giggles there were six beds women riffling through magazines and chattering like parrots to steady myself in your own time I know that that is hyperbole, this is more simple than it seems – said you worried; turned out written here, the point is hanging. I would push the letter, I was pure alongside myself, love that men and women I could digest in disgust in between, alongside, previous to what is my own that is now deplorable and painful, had I been able to end this letter. ». Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.