looking for a way out

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10 thoughts on “looking for a way out

  1. I love her all the time

    • Let us think this thought in its most terrible form: existence (das Dasein) as it is, without meaning or aim, yet recurring inevitably without any finale of nothingness: “the eternal recurrence.”

      —Friedrich Nietzsch

    • “In his book Nietzsche and the Vicious Circle (1969), Pierre Klossowski sees Nietzsche’s revelation of the eternal recurrence, or eternal return, in connection with the fragmentation of the ego from which emerges a potential realization of all possible identities. During these anti-revolutionary moments what is planned and what is unexpected break with the linearity of style.”

      – Hans Ulrich Obrist

    • “the eternal recurrence of the impossibility of the painting can be seen as an ostensible overcoming of the impossibility of depiction — Nietzsche’s “Circulus Vitiosus Deus” becomes Circulus vitiosus pictus.”

      – Hans Ulrich Obrist

  2. brooklyn37 on said:

    Ce que j’aime avec ta peinture, ton art, c’est ce côté visionnaire que tu transmets.
    J’ai été vraiment très touché par ton travail et les sentiments que tu y mets.
    On en reparlera, souviens toi😉

  3. Merci a-vous!

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