The love of youth, the hope of better years,
The source of softest wishes, tenderest fears.
The only living thing he could not hate.
Was reft at once — and he deserv’d his fate.
But did not feel it less; the good explore. 
For peace, those realms where guilt can never soar:
The proud — the wayward — who have fixed below their joy —
and find this earth enough for woe,
Lose in that one their all
– perchance a mite-
But who in patience parts with all delight ?

– Byron, ‘the Corsair’

“Let us think this thought in its most terrible form: existence as it is, without meaning or aim, yet recurring inevitably without any finale of nothingness: ‘the eternal recurrence.'”

– Nietzsche, ‘the Will To Power’



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One thought on “over-lapping/diverging

  1. many thanks to Hadrien
    Degay Delpeuch for editing and rendering the videos. His work can be viewed here:


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